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Lego dinosaurs will rise again for 'Jurassic World'

Just in case you were worried about not being able to live out more Jurassic fantasies in the world of Lego, Lego and Universal announce official "Jurassic World" kits.

Hopefully the "Jurassic World" kits will be even better than the "Jurassic Park III" kits like the one shown here.Lego

"Jurassic World" should have audiences once again enthralled with rampaging dinosaurs when it lands in US theaters next summer. For those who just love to act out dinosaur rampages Lego-style, the brickmaker announced this week that official "Jurassic World" Lego kits and minifigures will be landing on store shelves in May 2015.

"'Jurassic Park' defined dinosaurs for an entire generation 20 years ago, and 'Jurassic World' will do the same in 2015," said Universal Partnerships and Licensing President Stephanie Sperber. "Working with Lego Group to bring this classic into the present in dynamic and exciting ways is truly thrilling."

We don't yet know what types of Lego kits we might see from the deal, though company executives dropped a few hints in a joint press release issued Tuesday. Lego Group's VP of global licensing and entertainment noted that the "Jurassic Park" series features rich landscapes, dinosaurs and vehicles perfect for creating Lego kits. More information on what the partnership involves will be made clearer as the "Jurassic World" release date approaches.

In the meantime, as you anxiously await the 2015 launch of "Jurassic World," remember to hold on to your butts.

Lego Spinosaurus Attack from another "Jurassic Park III" kit.Lego