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'Jurassic World' director mocks Bryce Dallas Howard's high heels

The director has put his foot down. Any running away from dinosaurs in the 2018 sequel will have to be done in practical boots.

High heels: Not that comfortable on your average day, and probably the worst possible choice for a day when you're going to be running for your life from an island full of hungry dinosaurs. Really, running in bunny slippers or ballet toe shoes might be better. But in 2015's "Jurassic World," Bryce Dallas Howard fled the disastrous park's dinos in truly impractical footwear.

Colin Trevorrow, director and co-writer of "Jurassic World," wanted viewers to know that Howard's heels would be left in the closet for the film's 2018 sequel. He had some fun with that very topic in a tweet sent on Thursday, showing shoe choices for Howard's character in "Jurassic World 2." Spoiler alert: No Jimmy Choos or Loubutins were featured. Instead we saw boots you could probably get at REI, or maybe your nearest hardware store.

In 2015, Howard told Collider that while the fuss over her footwear came as a shock to her, it seemed logical to her.

Do those look like running shoes to you?

Universal Pictures

"She never intended to go in the jungle," Howard said of her character, park operations manager Claire Dearing. "And if she was in flats, that would be a cheat."

But no way did the boot tweet come as breaking news to her. "But the way that Colin told me that the sequel was happening...he texted me #noheels2018," she said in 2015, joking that the first shot of the new film should be Claire's sensible footwear. "Something with great arch support and rubber soles, she needs to be ready to run. Potentially."