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Jurassic Parks and Recreation: Andy Dwyer takes on dinos

What happens when "Jurassic World" meets "Parks and Recreation?" A mashup video that makes us long for a Chris Pratt dinosaur comedy.

Who wouldn't want to see Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer save us from killer dinosaurs. NBC

Thanks to a trailer for the upcoming movie "Jurassic World," we've already seen Chris Pratt being brave around killer dinosaurs that have decided once again to make human tourists their appetizers.

But what happens when Pratt plays his jovial Andy Dwyer character from the hit TV sitcom "Parks and Recreation" as a newly transferred dinosaur wrangler on "Jurassic World?"

Thanks Mom Productions give us the trailer that we didn't know we wanted with the mashup video "Jurassic Parks and Recreation."

Andy Dwyer is transferred from Pawnee, Ind., to a mysterious island where only Ron Swanson would feel at home. The clips from "Parks and Recreation" of Andy promising not to let his co-workers down work oddly well with scenes from "Jurassic World." His imaginary FBI persona Bert Macklin would be proud.