'Jurassic Park' velociraptor cage for sale on eBay

Two original props from classic dinosaur film franchise "Jurassic Park" are now for sale on eBay, including the velociraptor cage from the first film in 1993.

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Theme Park Connection

The velociraptors from "Jurassic Park" may not be entirely accurate, but they certainly made an impression. In fact, they are the single most terrifying reptile we've ever seen in a film (including Godzilla). Now you can buy your very own piece of velociraptor prehistory -- if you have around $100,000 to spare.

The original prop used in the opening scene of the 1993 film is apparently up for sale on eBay from a seller called Theme Park Connection, which specializes in purchasing and reselling original film props.

The crate itself comes with a full-size velociraptor prop, according to the item's condition report, which notes that the set is in a state of disrepair and would make for a great restoration project.

"Wear and deterioration due to age in both props; Velociraptor is faded and inner mouth pieces are coming apart, some pieces of the crate are missing; props are sold as pictured and as is," the description reads.

Theme Park Connection

If you can't quite front the cash for the crate -- which at the time of writing is edging up on $100,000 with eight days remaining in the auction -- you can still grab a piece of "Jurassic Park" history. Theme Park Connections is also offering up the mobile laboratory RV seen in 1997's "Jurassic Park: The Lost World," which at time of this writing was going for just $8,000, with eight days remaining.

If you don't live near where the items are being held, though (about 45 minutes out of Los Angeles), be prepared for some pretty hefty shipping costs.

(Source: Crave Australia)