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Jupiter cake crafted from deliciously accurate layers

A cake maker creates a structurally accurate edible model of Jupiter that reveals the planet's layers with every slice.

Jupiter cake
Take a bite out of Jupiter.

First, there was Earth cake. Then, Cakecrumbs created Jupiter cake, a treat designed to match our theoretical knowledge of the massive planet's structure. It's yummy and educational.

Building the gas giant out of cake batter, fondant, and edible ink turned out to be a challenge. Just painting in all the details and storms on the outside took 8 hours. Cakecrumbs used reference photos in an attempt to be as accurate as possible. Cutting open the cake reveals a round core covered by two layers representing liquid metallic hydrogen and molecular hydrogen.

We know what Jupiter looks like, but what does Jupiter taste like? The outer layer is marshmallow fondant. Inside, the core is mudcake. Next, comes a layer of almond butter cake. The blue outer layer is vanilla Madeira sponge cake. A planet may never taste so good again.

Cakecrumbs is planning to post a making-of tutorial for the cake, should you want to try your hand at building a gas giant of your very own. What would be truly spectacular would be eating your way through cake models of our entire solar system. If Jupiter deserves a full-size cake, I suppose Pluto might rate a cupcake.

(Via BoingBoing)