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Juggle and search tabs with Chrome extension TabJuggler

If you end each day with a mess of open tabs, then TabJuggler can help. This Chrome extension lets you reorder, separate, and combine tabs while providing a useful search function.

My mid-afternoon most work days, my laptop begins to drag as I am stare at dozens of open tabs, many of which I may need to save or return to before shutting down to preserve the day's twisting and winding research and Internet meanderings. With Chrome extension TabJuggler, I am able to slice and dice and search all of my open tabs, which is a huge help in cataloging my day's worth of work before closing up shop for the day.

After TabJuggler installs, it places a button to the right of the URL bar. Click on this button and you'll see six options to reorder your open tabs:

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The All Tabs in one Window at the top combines all of your open Chrome windows into one.

The next two -- One Window for each Tab and One Window for Each Hostname -- split the tabs in your current Chrome window into multiple windows. You can quickly undo either option by selecting the aforementioned All Tabs in one Window option.

The last three -- Sort all Tabs in Window by Title, Hostname, URL -- let you reorder the tabs in your current window. These three sorting options didn't work, however, if I had more than one Chrome window open. The sorting options don't touch any pinned tabs you may have, but pinned tabs do get unpinned if you choose either of the options to open multiple windows of your tabs. And these suddenly unpinned tabs remain unpinned if you then combine all tabs back in one window.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Perhaps more useful than any of the above six slice-and-dice options is TabJuggler's search function. Enter a search term and right within its window, TabJuggler shows you any tab containing the term. Four buttons below the search box let you close or detach any tabs with or without your search term.

(Via Ghacks)