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Judge your iPad by its literary masterpiece book cover

Turn your Kindle Fire into "Slaughterhouse-Five" and your iPad into "Atlas Shrugged" with Out of Print's real hardcover-bound cases.

Out of Print eBook Jacket
Dress up your e-books in a comfy cover.
Out of Print

I know e-books are convenient, but I just can't tear myself away from running my fingers down the spines of real books and listening for that crinkling sound of a fresh hardcover bending open. I like the way they look. I like the way they feel.

My iPad may finally get that same sort of love if Out of Print's new Kickstarter project meets its goal. Backers will have their choice of 10 different classic literature book covers to adorn their Kindle Fire or iPad 2 or 3.

Book-style covers have been done before, most notably by BookBook. Out of Print is taking it all quite literally, however, and is working with Harcourt Bindery, one of the oldest book binders in the country.

Cover art choices include classic renditions of "The Great Gatsby," "Moby Dick," "Lolita," and "A Clockwork Orange." I'm an "On the Road" gal myself. The Kindle or iPad sits in a cradle with lines around the outside designed to mimic the look of pages.

Each hardcover case uses book fabric and is made with the same methods used to create real books, so you'll get an authentic look and feel. A Kindle Fire jacket goes for a $40 pledge while the iPad jacket is $45.

The Out of Print eBook Jacket may not put a dent into the ever-growing piles of actual books that are slowly commandeering my home, but it could make curling up with an e-book a lot more tempting.

Out of Print eBook Jacket close-up
The cradle looks like page lines. Out of Print