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Judge says Apple, RIM not violating Kodak patent

International Trade Commission judge rules Apple and RIM are not violating a Kodak patent related to image previews on cameras.

Erica Ogg Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Erica Ogg

A judge said today that Apple and RIM phones featuring cameras are not infringing on technology developed by Eastman Kodak, according to reports.

Kodak filed a complaint in January 2010 with the International Trade Commission claiming that the technology used in the iPhone and BlackBerry to preview images infringes on one of its digital imaging patents. Kodak demanded the ITC block import of phones in violation.

The endgame for Kodak is really to get Apple and RIM to pay royalties for using the technology. The camera company arrived at royalty arrangements more recently with LG and Samsungafter filing similar complaints.

But an ITC administrative law judge said today that Kodak's technology was not being used illegally by Apple or RIM, according to a Bloomberg story. The decision is not final, and per ITC rules, will be reviewed by a six-member commission who can either affirm his ruling or overturn it.

Apple countersued Kodak in April 2010 for violating two of its patents related to digital photography.