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Joseph Gordon-Levitt producing Neil Gaiman 'Sandman' film

A tweet from actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has confirmed the existence of a "Sandman" film in the works, although some details remain thin on the ground.

DC Vertigo

If you're a reader of comics, chances are you've encountered (and loved) Neil Gaiman's Sandman, the epic story of the melancholic Lord of Dreams. Fans have long speculated about and dreamed of a film version, with rumors surfacing from time to time, but it looks like this might be the real deal.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has confirmed via Twitter that something's in the works.

As Deadline reported Monday, writer and producer David Goyer -- who co-wrote Christopher Nolan's Batman films -- had pitched a Sandman film to Warner Bros., and it seems now that the deal is on. Further, that Gaiman himself is definitely attached in some way.

Gordon-Levitt posted a follow-up tweet to clarify that he will produce the film. It's not entirely clear what the hashtag "#Prelude" refers to, but we could surmise it has something to do with Preludes and Nocturnes, the first volume of the 10 graphic novels that make up the entire run of Sandman.

We're not entirely sure Sandman is appropriate for a reboot in the gritty style of superhero films of recent years, but Gordon Levitt is a smart man, and Gaiman's involvement quells initial doubts somewhat. Set phasers to "cautiously optimistic." With casting a complete mystery at this point in time, who would you like to see cast as the seven Endless?

(Source: CNET Australia)