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Jornada phones in its swan song

Although HP is killing off the Jornada line of handhelds in favor of the more popular iPaqs, the company unveils a new Jornada--likely to be the last ever.

The Jornada is dead. Long live the Jornada.

Although Hewlett-Packard is killing off the Jornada line of handhelds in favor of the more popular iPaq line, the company on Thursday introduced a new Jornada, which is likely to be the last. The Jornada 928 that HP plans to sell in Europe is a combination cell phone-handheld that can make phone calls, surf the Web wirelessly, and send and receive e-mail.

HP said that European carrier Vodaphone will start selling the combination device for $615 with a service contract. The device features a 16-bit color screen and a compact flash slot, and is the first handheld to use Texas Instruments' OMAP 710 processor. The Jornada 928 also has a second, smaller screen that will display information about phone calls without the need to power up the main color display.

Until its announcement Thursday, it was unclear whether the device would see the light of day, even though HP had demonstrated prototypes of the gadget. When HP completed its acquisition of Compaq Computer merger in May, the company said it was still evaluating whether to bring the device to market.

HP first showed off the Jornada 928 in February.

The device is the second product to use a new, phone-enabled version of Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system. The U.K. wireless carrier mmO2 has already announced the XDA handheld, which is made by Taiwan's HTC, the same company that makes the iPaq. T-Mobile, until recently known as VoiceStream, is offering the same HTC-made device in the United States.