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Jonas Brothers billboard hails impending MySpace Music

In anticipation of the soon-to-launch service, a giant ad in New York's Times Square displays a "playlist" of Jonas Brothers-approved songs. You'll be able to download them soon.

Apologies for the poor camera-phone quality.
Caroline McCarthy

NEW YORK--Spotted, Gossip Girl-style: Teen pop sensations the Jonas Brothers, heralding the launch of MySpace Music atop a billboard in Times Square. The launch of the News Corp.-owned social network's music service is coming any day now.

The Jonas Brothers display can be seen on the billboard on the corner of West 43rd Street, with the slogan "Songs We Can Agree On" and a short list of songs in the manner of a mixtape (which include selections from Elvis Costello, Prince, and Albert Hammond Jr.) That's a hint at the playlist-creation focus of the new music service. A URL for the Jonas Brothers' MySpace page accompanies the ad, indicating that high-profile artists will likely be pimping the service when it debuts.

Playlists and "digital mixtapes" are hot: we've seen this recently in the iLike developer API and the popular-but-shuttered start-up Muxtape.

MySpace Music will be launching with either three or all four of the major music labels onboard, depending on which sources are asked. It'll offer paid downloads as well as free streaming and concert tickets. And, presumably, it has the approval of the doe-eyed Jonas Brothers, or at least their publicist.