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Jon Stewart celebrates Verizon iPhone deal

On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart cannot contain his feelings of liberation after the Verizon iPhone announcement. He declares 1/11/11 "VZ Day."

Yesterday, there was screaming in the streets. There was howling in financial planning meetings. There was trembling in bars. Yes, Verizon announced that it would be offering the iPhone 4.

Talk show host Jon Stewart was one of those whose emotional cup ran over and over.

On his Daily Show, he was barely able to contain his excitement as he spread his arms into a crucifix and bellowed "FREEEEDDOMMMM!!"

Such was the cultural significance of the announcement, such was the sense of universal release, that Stewart dedicated more than seven minutes of his show to Verizon (hopefully) rescuing him from dropped calls and texts that have to be hand-delivered.

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Verizon iPhone Announcement
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Stewart was joined by sidekick Jon Oliver, who interviewed angry AT&T customers on the streets of New York.

How do I know they were angry? Because they swore. Because they referred to AT&T's service with consecutive words that began with an 'F' and 'S'.

One woman even claimed that AT&T had made her a "technology hostage."

Amidst this pain, there was joy. There was Oliver leaping to his feet yelling "F*** yeah!" at the prospect of switching to Verizon. He declared 1/11/11 "VZ Day."

One can only hope that all of this optimism will be turned into actuality. One can only hope that the predicted flood of refugees from AT&T won't clog Verizon's airwaves so that, suddenly, no one can hear anybody.