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Jon Snow: 'Game of Thrones' superfans should just chill

Kit Harrington, the actor who plays Jon Snow on the HBO series, has had it up to here with those who criticize the author of the books it's based on for not writing fast enough.

Harrington: "I think you superfans should just relax a bit." Fans: "You know nothing, Jon Snow!" James Martin/CNET

He may be considered a knower of nothing, but Kit Harrington's take on "Game of Thrones" superfans seems pretty spot on.

According to The Telegraph, Harrington -- aka Jon Snow on the HBO series -- was recently asked whether he felt pressured by the show's passionate fan base. Instead of immediately talking about the pressures he's faced as an actor in the TV series, however, Harrington lamented about how angry he gets when he hears about the often malicious criticisms George R.R. Martin, author of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series the HBO series is based on, gets from fans who don't think he's finishing the books fast enough.

"The only thing I get p--sed off about is that, as far as George R.R. Martin goes, there's a lot of fan pressure on him -- a lot of nasty, manipulative, quite vicious fan pressure that's aimed towards him, about his health, and about when he is producing the next book," Harrington told The Telegraph. "I get quite angry about that."

And if you think he cooled off from there while talking about the show, Harrington admitted he gets angry at some of the show's fans as well, particularly those who think the TV adaptation doesn't follow the books closely enough. "Stuff about the show, about how it varies from the book -- I get angry about that, because it is an adaptation," Harrington said. "It's a version of the book, and people shouldn't take it literally."

So, it sounds like Harrington wants everyone to just chill out a bit, and to not take everything so seriously. Martin will finish the books on his own time, thank you very much, and the series won't be an exact representation of the books, but that's OK. And if Snow, who lives under constant stress since he can literally be killed off by Martin at any minute, is telling us to chill out, we should probably listen.

Or, you know, he might just really know nothing.