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See 'John Wick' remade with Nerf guns

No blood is spilled in a slick re-telling of a "John Wick" action sequence that replaces all the guns with Nerf toys.

Keanu Reeves' "John Wick" movies are violent, stylish affairs with lots of guns, bullets and action. YouTube channel Corridor Digital filmed a gentler version of the story by substituting foam bullet-blasting Nerf guns for the metal-slinging firearms in the movies.

Corridor's version, posted Sunday, moves with the same frenetic action as its source material. There's a contract out on Wick's head and he has to avoid a barrage of would-be "killers" armed with every kind of Nerf gun imaginable. It would be utterly brutal if the projectiles weren't all made from soft foam.

Slick choreography, pumping music, a deadpan delivery and well-timed fight scenes make this milder version of "John Wick" a lot of fun to watch.

If you like "Nerf John Wick," then also check out Corridor's Star Wars-holiday romp of "Darth Santa Strikes Back."