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John Oliver shows you how to ditch that horrible holiday present

'Tis the season for holiday gifting (and regifting). In a special "Last Week Tonight" Web clip, John Oliver teaches you an important skill -- how to get away with regifting the presents you just don't want.

The holidays are almost upon us, and chances are you'll receive at least one gift you simply don't want. Maybe it's another ugly sweater, a pair of itchy socks or an inferior Bluetooth speaker that isn't in CNET's holiday gift guide (for shame!).

It takes a bit of work to ditch those unwanted presents while ensuring the person who gave it to you never learns of your indiscretion, and "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver is here to help. Oliver posted a short, Web-exclusive clip to the show's YouTube channel on Sunday with some tips on how to get away with regifting this holiday season. Regifting, of course, is that time-honored practice of passing along a gift you got and don't want to someone else.

For example, Oliver says, never, ever regift to someone who might know the original gifter. The absolute last thing you want is for the person who gave you that hideous sweater to see one of their friends wearing it a few weeks later, only to learn that you gave it to them. It's best to give it to someone at work as a Secret Santa present, as the risk of your co-workers knowing your friends is probably much less.

Also, you'll probably want to add a note to the gift to make it seem like you handpicked this particular item just for the recipient. Not only does doing that suggest you aren't just regifting something you hated, it makes it seem like you actually put some thought into it.

"Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" returns to HBO in February.