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John McAfee blogs on the run

Embroiled in an international murder mystery, the founder of the ubiquitous antivirus software just might be the worst over-sharer on the Internet.

John McAfee's blog
John McAfee continued to post updates on his blog while in hiding from the police in Belize. Screenshot by James Martin/CNET

John McAfee just might be the worst over-sharer on the Internet.

Living as an expat in Belize, the founder of the ubiquitous antivirus software hasn't been an active figure in the tech industry for years. But when his neighbor was found murdered in November, he came back on the scene in a truly bizarre way.

Wanted for questioning by local police, McAfee went on the lam. In an odd turn, he began publishing regular updates and pictures to his blog declaring his innocence, making claims of government persecution, describing his disguises, and explaining the nature of his relationship with his 20-year-old girlfriend who'd gone on the run with him. He even let a Vice reporter tag along with him.

After GPS data from one of those photos was discovered by a hacker, McAfee came forward, announcing he was seeking asylum in Guatemala (a request that would be denied). He has since been taken into custody.

This story continues to develop. But since McAfee clearly can't help but share the details with the world online, we can all count on a front-row seat at this singularly strange show.

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