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John Mayer dumps Apple for BlackBerry

After making several appearances on Apple's behalf over the last year, the bland bluesman is now stumping for RIM's BlackBerry Curve.

John Mayer has apparently betrayed Apple's way of life.

In comments made before his performance at Macworld earlier this year, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, sapless singer/songwriter Mayer told attendees that Jobs' penchant for making consumer-friendly products was "like the opposite of terrorism." Should we therefore assume, then, that Mayer's current gig as a high-profile sponsor of iPhone competitor BlackBerry Curve means he's gone over to the dark side?

John Mayer has taken up with iPhone rival BlackBerry, probably ending his run of Macworld appearances. Flickr user VickieVictoria

Research In Motion (RIM) is the official sponsor of Mayer's summer tour, coming soon to a high-school cafeteria near you. The Unofficial Apple Weblog spotted a Web page on RIM's site that contains "exclusive" video and photos of Mayer fondling a BlackBerry Curve. The Curve is "an extension of thought," Mayer says in the video. "The BlackBerry kind of betrays geography."

Long a favorite of traveling executives, RIM is trying to make the BlackBerry more consumer-friendly with models like the Curve and the Pearl. In endorsing a competitor to the iPhone--which he helped introduce--has Mayer compromised his integrity through smart-phone bigamy? Jobs referred to Mayer's appearance at Macworld as a "tradition," but I'd be surprised if he's invited back for an encore performance.