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John Malkovich does something beautiful with Squarespace

Commentary: A new ad for the website-creation service shows the great actor following his true passion: being a fashion designer.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

John Malkovich, fashion designer.

John Malkovich, fashion designer.

MJ Kim/Getty Images

I tend to think of Squarespace as something that occasionally appears during the Super Bowl with an ad that's entirely forgettable.

I tend to think of John Malkovich as a very fine actor who occasionally plays the bad guy in blockbuster movies and then disappears for seemingly years on end.

Yet the two have come together to produce a curiously mesmerizing and meditative video that reveals the actor's true passion: being a fashion designer.

Malkovich began his movie career as a costume designer. Subsequently, his face and his voice became famous in movies such as "Dangerous Liaisons" and, well, "Con Air."

But here he explains that once you're known for one thing, people can't imagine you being anything else.

We see his designs being rejected. We see him getting calls from Hollywood to do another movie, when all he wants to think about is clothing design. We see him acknowledge that people might not take him seriously, but why should he care?

"I am always the figure in someone else's dream," he explains. "I would really rather sometimes make my own figures and make my own dreams."

Of course, it's easier to follow your dreams once you have cash at your disposal. He insists, though, that he's never sold his soul.

"I never made my life about what other people thought of me," he said, offering a healthy suggestion for everyone.

All this leads you to his new fashion site, which Squarespace insists it helped make beautiful.

This may be true. However, when I tried to get onto the site, it loaded very slowly and then the link to view his collection led me to a "Bad Gateway" 502 error page.

In art, as in tech, there's always work to be done.

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