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John Edwards heeds online voting, will visit tiny town

After Eventful users picked the town of Columbus, Ky., the presidential candidate agreed to stop in for a visit.

If you're a town of 229 people, and you're not in Iowa or New Hampshire, you're probably not going to be getting too many visits from top-tier presidential candidates these days.

Unless, however, you're Columbus, Ky. That tiny hamlet will be getting a visit from Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on October 4, and it has the Internet to thank for it.

That's because Columbus beat out cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Dallas in the competition, hosted on the social-events site Eventful. Voters were tasked with helping to choose the location of the Edwards visit in the site's "Demand and Be Heard" promotion, and Columbus won.

What's not clear in a press release issued by Eventful late Tuesday is why Edwards agreed to participate in the promotion at all, and his canned quote in the release gives no hint of the reason.

Still, with this blog as evidence, it's a good PR move, and, hey, the former senator will be able to shake the hand of every single person in Columbus. And that ought to be good for at least six or eight additional votes somewhere down the line.