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Joe Biden's birthday gives birth to more social media love

Also, that Mike Pence trip to Broadway's "Hamilton" musical? All part of meme-Biden's master pranking plan.

Joe Biden turned 74 on Sunday, his last birthday as vice president, and President Barack Obama tweeted out a most bro-mantic birthday greeting to help him celebrate.

Some are saying it's not quite as cool as the greeting Biden tweeted to Obama on the president's August 4 birthday, but really, who can top a friendship bracelet that says JOE and BARACK and even has a pizza charm on it?

Others joined in to wish Biden a happy day, and of course, some of the many memes that have surrounded his time in office resurfaced. Ice cream and aviator sunglasses figured prominently, sometimes both in the same image.

The vice president has also been dominating Twitter lately with a popular meme that took photos of him with the president and captioned them to indicate that Biden was plotting pranks against president-elect Donald Trump and vice president-elect Mike Pence.

That meme resurfaced after Pence saw the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" Friday night and the cast delivered a statement to him from the stage, leading Trump to tweet a demand for an apology. Turns out, that Broadway show was all part of meme-Biden's master plan, too.