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Jobo PhotoGPS geotags pics so you don't have to

Jobo PhotoGPS is a small and lightweight Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver that fits directly on any digital camera's hot shoe


Jobo AG, purveyors of digital-imaging accouterments, announced availability of a GPS receiver for a digital camera's hot shoe. Dubbed photoGPS, the $159 device captures raw GPS data and time and stores the info to its 128MB of internal memory (that holds up to 1,000 locations).

Included software can then be used to match the receiver's recorded data to photos transferred to a Windows or Mac computer (though the Mac version won't be available till the end of 2008). Jobo also set up a PhotoGPS server that works with the software for calculating locations and geotagging images with information like country, region, street name, and points of interest, so you don't even have to be sober to remember where you took a particular photo.

The PhotoGPS has a built-in 120mAh rechargeable battery that's charged with the included USB cable. According to Jobo, one capture requires just 18 megajoules (I totally do not know the math to translate this to battery life) and the unit sleeps when not in use, waking when the camera's flash sync connects.