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Jingle Beards make for festive hipster facial hair

Hirsute hipsters skip trimming the Christmas tree and decorate their beards instead to celebrate the holidays.

You don't need to be Santa to have a festive beard. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Beards are making a comeback amongst both hipsters and lumberbros, so it makes sense that they would want to show them off in the most festive way possible during the holidays.

Now the mustached, goateed and bearded lads can display their love for Christmas by adorning their facial hair with something called Beard Baubles.

While Beard Bubbles seem to already be sold out of the official site, you can still find them for sale on eBay US and eBay UK.

There's even a handy Youtube tutorial on how to make your own Beard Baubles -- requiring multicolored ornaments (2cm in diameter or less) and bobby pins -- so you can wear them to your next holiday party or intimate Christmas dinner.

Beard Baubles were originally created by Pauline Ashford and Mike Kennedy from the London advertising agency Grey London as a charity drive to benefit the Australian skin cancer awareness group Beard Season, according to Fast Company.

Of course, now decorating one's beard with not only baubles, but mistletoe, candy canes and tinsel has become a full-blown trend. Even Samsung Mobile in the U.K. has made a commercial promoting the new fashion sensation of Jingle Beards.