Jimmy Kimmel tweets at Trump while presenting Oscars

Commentary: If you're presenting the Academy Awards, wouldn't you tweet at the world's most famous Twitterer?

Chris Matyszczyk

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It was a fair question.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Within four minutes, it got almost 160,000 likes and 110,000 retweets.

For here was the Oscars presenter Jimmy Kimmel live-tweeting. Yes, while live-presenting.

And who else would you live-tweet if you were live all over the world than the world's most lively Twitterer, President Donald Trump.

What, though, to say?

Kimmel decided to keep it short and saccharine. In a modern way. "Hey @realDonaldTrumpu up?"

He added a second message: "@realDonaldTrump #Merylsayshi." This was a reference to Trump's (no longer) favorite actress Meryl Streep, who had strafed him at the Golden Globes.

The world waited to see if the president might offer one of his charming replies complete, perhaps, with at least one exclamation point.

In the immediate minutes after the tweet was emitted, there was presidential silence. Perhaps this will change.

The world waits in hope. Wall Street waits in case the president decides to blacklist ABC from all future government help and declares all Disney movies enemies of the state.

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