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Jimmy Kimmel pitches the iPad Mini as the new iPhone

It's easily done. People are suggestible. Especially with the right editing. And, let's face it, gadgets are all sizes now. Well, except for Apple's, perhaps.

Oh, dear. Jimmy Kimmel LIve/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

"This is about as close as America gets to having a royal baby."

With these words, Jimmy Kimmel introduced the latest incarnations of the iPhone, as well as his latest attempt to show how dunderheaded people are.

This time, his witty sidekicks wafted onto Hollywood Boulevard and handed people an iPad Mini.

In the same breath, it was explained that this was the new iPhone.

And so people were happy that this new iPhone was smaller, thinner, lighter, cooler.

Oh, do choose your adjective.

On Hollywood Boulevard, they're ready to tell you anything if it gets them on TV.

Just as they're ready to ask you anything, because, well, it's Hollywood Boulevard.

"They have this new black one in support of Nelson Mandela," says Kimmel's sidekick interviewer.

"Are you serious?" replies the black man she tells. "That would definitely not make me buy it."

Of course, it's entirely possible that these people were all actors, given Kimmel's predilection for fooling people into believing that stuntwomen who twerk and catch fire are really just simple girls from Kansas City.