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Jimmy Fallon wants to sell you an iPhone case that's also a pocket square

Technically Incorrect: Do you need a so-called Pocket Dial? No. Is it a good idea? Oh, you decide.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Suits you?

J. Crew/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

One day we won't need to worry about where to keep our iPhones.

They'll just be sitting inside our brains, telling us what to think and do.

Until then, we're forced to decide on which pocket or which purse to put them in.

Jimmy Fallon and J. Crew would like you to think different. If you're the type who wears a suit or a jacket and therefore a pocket square, that is.

They've created something called the Pocket Dial. It's an iPhone case that is also a pocket square. Because you've always wanted something so cool, of course.

Before you leap and declare that this is very silly, please let me tell you that you can't. All proceeds go to a wildlife charity, you see. That's the perfect way to ensure you must take this seriously.

Fallon explained in the promotional video that he came up with the concept after he'd seen too many people at the office with their phones sticking out of their blazer pockets.

That might incite many thoughts. For example: Why are people wearing blazers to work? Why are they sticking their iPhones in their top pockets? What sort of nuance-free humans actually work at "The Tonight Show"?

You might be wondering what the product's finer details are. It appears this is just an iPhone case with a pocket square stuck to the top of it. Fashion sometimes creates icons from the simplest of ideas. This may not be one of them.

In the YouTube blurb, J. Crew insists that "carrying your phone in your pants is so 2014." Personally, I've always thought that iPhone cases were, as the British slang would have it, pants. Every year.

This, though, is my predilection. Yours may be to regularly wear suits or blazers, parade your iPhone case and delight in such an object as the Pocket Dial.

But what if your Pocket Dial clashes with your tie? Oh, the dilemmas of modernity.