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Jewelry to light up your nightlife

Designed by Kyeok Kim.

Kyeok Kim

When I hear the phrase 'light-up jewelry,' the image that typically comes to mind is one of flashing plastic rings that were given away as favors at 10th-birthday parties back in the day. (Or of ravers.) However, there seems to be a luxe version of just about everything these days (case in point: Dance Dance Revolution) and as I learned from Yanko Design, luminescent jewelry is no exception.

Kyeok Kim

The "Aurora" accessories designed by Kyeok Kim are intended, according to the designer, to "reinterpret the meaning of ornamentation on the body by projecting various patterns of light on the wearer. The end result resembles a sort of light-up tattoo. But there's more; the light is controlled by magnets contained in a corresponding ring. So when the geographical relationship between the two pieces of jewelry changes, so does the pattern.

I'm so getting some for my next party, so that I can match the light-up fountain.

(Yanko Design via MoCo Loco)