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Jet engine-powered shopping cart hits 44 mph

What may be the world's fastest shopping cart uses an engine from a helicopter to drive it down a track in an inspiring display of shopping power.

Jet shopping cart
This makes shopping a more terrifying experience.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The produce aisle may never be the same again. A British tinkerer attached a jet engine to a shopping cart and tore it down a track at 44 mph. Why? Because that's just what some people do for fun in England.

It's true. The jet-powered shopping trolley quest for speed has been a phenomenon for years. What Matt McKeown did differently is go faster than the other jet-powered supermarket carts that came before. A recent run found him beating the previous speed record of 42 mph, though there doesn't seem to be a governing body of shopping trolley racing to confirm the officialness of the record.

You can't just snag a shopping cart from the local grocery store and rip it down a track. It requires some mods to get up to speed. McKeown's cart has go-kart wheels and is equipped with a jet engine that is normally used in Chinook helicopters to help power up the main engine.

McKeown recalls having his shoe laces blown clean off by the exhaust the first time he stepped over the gas turbine engine. The engine was acquired from eBay and will go back up for auction once all the shopping cart runs are done.

I think all shopping carts should be modified with go-kart wheels to remedy the epidemic of wonky wheels. Jet engines, however, will never be allowed due to do the serious liability issues. That's too bad. It would make picking up milk and flour an epic adventure every time.

(Via BBC News)