Jensen has cure for music fans with sweaty ears

Jensen Sportfone is a MP3/headphone combination with sweat-resistant silicon ear-pads.

Stewart Wolpin
Jensen's SportFone headphone

Wet foam-based ear-pads are the natural result of heavy exercise while listening to music. Jensen addresses this soggy problem with its SportFone MP3 neck-phones (JHM3005). Rather than foam, the ear pieces are made of sweat-repelling and hypoallergenic silicon.

Sportfone comes in two flavors, a 512MB (due in February and priced at $69.99) and a 1GB version (due in summer 2007 but no price has been announced). An included USB cable facilitates music to neck-phone transfers of MP3 and WMA files, and the gray-and-orange wrap-around phones come in a soft-sided, foam-filled orange carrying case.

In a practice jaunt around the Jensen booth, we tried to dislodge the phones from our head without success, although they did bounce up and down when we jauntily (and idiotically) danced and shook around inside the booth here at CES 2007. You'll get an estimated eight hours of listening on a single charge of the SportFone's lithium polymer ion battery.