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How to get over not getting a Microsoft Surface for Christmas

Technically Incorrect: In amusing ads for British electronics retail chain Currys PC World, Jeff Goldblum teaches real people about, well, acting when they don't get the gadget they desire.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Christmas method acting, courtesy of Jeff Goldblum.

Currys PC World/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Families are built to disappoint.

You'd think your loved ones would at least know what to buy you for Christmas. You'd think they'd know you want a Microsoft Surface of some kind. Then they get you a jigsaw puzzle.

How are you supposed to react? How are you supposed not to disown them?

Enter Jeff Goldblum. In a series of ads for British electronics retailer Currys PC World, the actor decides that the one thing many families are missing is, well, acting.

If someone buys you a gift you don't want, which will be most of the time, you simply have to fake pleasure brilliantly.

And so in one of the spots, a woman does get a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle instead of her desired Surface. She cannot even maintain a patina of satisfaction. She's more distraught than a politician's supporters when he's proved to be lying rather than merely suspected on principle.

Goldblum, though, shows her how she should have reacted. It's powerful. It's believable. It's emotional.

This man really can help you get over the disappointment of not getting a Microsoft product.

Just watch the passion with which he does it. All of the passion.

In another ad, he helps you get over the fact that your gorgeous lover has bought you not the Nespresso coffee maker that you so desperately desired, but foot talc.

This is, indeed, a man who will help you deal with the fact that any of the gadgets you so desired hasn't been delivered by Santa.

To use phraseology that features strongly in the history of gadgetry, Goldblum wants you to have a reality distortion field. He wants you to fool those closest to you into believing you are happy, when your heart has, in fact, fallen into your Uggs.

He's shown you that it's possible. Now, about that iPhone 6S you were craving. You're not going to get one. Now what? Rehearse your reaction.