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Jeepers! BetterLight's 416-megapixel camera

BetterLight's high-end large-format camera back, with 416-megapixel resolution, is now available.

LAS VEGAS--Maybe BetterLight's 384-megapixel Super 8K-HS scanning camera is just too wimpy for you.

Well, you're in luck, because the San Carlos, Calif.-based company announced a new high-end model, the Super 10K-HS, that offers 416-megapixel images.

The company's products are geared for professionals with demanding needs in areas such as landscape or catalog photography. The new Super 10K-HS, announced Thursday here at the Photo Marketing Association trade show, is intended in particular for reproducing artwork or museum artifacts such as scrolls.

BetterLight's 10K-HS camera back
BetterLight's 10K-HS camera back BetterLight

Technically, BetterLight doesn't sell cameras, but rather camera "backs" that attach to high-end large-format cameras. The products are essentially scanners with a moving sensor element; taking a full-resolution photo takes a minimum of nearly two minutes. But you get a 794MB file that can provide 300 pixel-per-inch resolution for a poster measuring 34 by 45 inches, according to the company.

This kind of gear doesn't come cheap. The Super 10K-HS costs $22,995. The price difference compared to the $17,995 Super 8K-HS itself is larger than a high-end digital SLR such as Canon's new $4,000 EOS-1D Mark III.