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Jay Z turns the Tidal, and we discover the man who invented stereo in CNET UK podcast 427

Madonna, Kanye and Beyoncé are taking on Spotify, and Amazon has the best April fool prank that's actually real. We think.

Rappers Kanye West (left) and Jay Z at the Tidal re-launch in New York City. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Nation

Jay Z has £19.99 problems with his newly-relaunched music streaming service Tidal. The rapper recruited some of his mates including Rihanna, Madonna, Coldplay and other multimillionaires to complain about not being paid enough -- but is Tidal a worthy rival to Spotify?

It was April Fools' Day this week, so we're taking all news with a pinch of salt. This is why we're still dubious that Amazon Dash buttons are actually a real thing -- little plastic buttons that you press when you need to order some more razors, washing powder or kitchen roll? Really?

And we delve into the history of music to find out more about Alan Blumlein, the man who invented stereo. He also pioneered telephony, television and radar while he was at it. Sadly, Blumlein was killed on a top-secret mission during the Second World War and never saw his extraordinary legacy come to pass.

Finally, we turn to you, our esteemed listeners, for your thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge . Just how much does the lack of a removable battery or SD card bother you? Quite a bit, it seems.

Time to relax, hit play and enjoy!

Jay Z turns the Tidal, and we discover the man who invented stereo in CNET UK podcast 427

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