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'Jaws' shark attack bed for big-kid nightmares

After making his popular "Jaws" shark baby crib, crafter Joseph Reginella tells Crave why he decided to make a bigger boat.

You wanted a bigger boat? That means you get a bigger shark! Joseph Reginella

Now you don't have to be an unsuspecting baby to get a shark attack boat bed straight out of "Jaws."

When New York-based crafter Joseph Reginella built a , it went viral in a matter of days. Soon fans of his creation wanted to see what he could make next, quoting one of the most famous lines from "Jaws" -- "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

So Reginella granted their wish, and with help from props and scenery maker Themendous, built a boat perfect for big kids. The new bed is approximately 10 feet long and 5 feet wide, and in places, 5 feet tall. It also fits a twin size mattress.

The shark is still included in the design, attacking the bigger boat. "As the bed got scaled up to fit a mattress, design slightly changed," Reginella told Crave. "This one has drawers and a toy chest built in."

For fans who want one of these jaw-some beds, the baby cribs -- which also make great pet beds -- are custom-made and available to purchase at Toxic Teddies. The larger beds like the one above are available to order from Themendous.

Reginella is hard at work on his next impressive project. "I'm making a three-story high meatball with a fork in it!" There's no word on whether he'll make it into a bed so we can pretend to be someone's entree.

We've never seen a ship's captain this happy to be attacked by a giant shark. Joseph Reginella