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Popular Japanese dolls get robotic skeletons (Tomorrow Daily 261)

Ashley discusses Microsoft Research's newest innovation aimed at animators, Dollfie dolls with custom-made robot insides and an artistic concept that turns two cheap plastic bags into a more stylish tote.

Microsoft Research worked alongside the University of Hong Kong and the University of Tokyo to unveil a new piece of software called "autocomplete hand-drawn animations." In a nutshell, the software is intelligent about when animators need to draw the same figure in a new frame, and will populate that figure but allow the animator to change the wireframes of it as they sketch.

YouTube user RozenZebet is a big fan of Japan's Dollfie Dolls; so much so, in fact, that he's been modifying them for years by giving them robot bodies to bring them to life. His "Dancing Dolls" as he calls them are impressive sights to behold, and include dolls that play violin, perform a fan dance, sing pop songs and more.

German designer Stefanie Rittler thought about how to make people think twice about discarding a plastic bag without a second thought, and came up with Streetplastic, a working machine that combines two plastic bags into an interesting, more stylish bag. The idea is to make people reconsider junking an item that they would otherwise think was worthless, and it's an interesting process that uses a plain white plastic bag, a shredder and heat to create something new.

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261: Popular Japanese dolls get robotic skeletons

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