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Japan adds phone chargers to buses in new trial

Seeing that battery life drop when you're out in town can be horrifying, but hey, there's a bus for that.

Adam Bolton
Adam Bolton is a contributor for CNET based in Japan. He is, among things, a volunteer, a gamer, a technophile and a beard grower. He can be found haunting many of Tokyo's hotspots and cafes.
Adam Bolton

Dwindling battery life: the ultimate first world problem. What looks like 10 percent quickly becomes 1 -- it's a horror that has plagued us all.

Japan understands, and is doing the world a favour by introducing buses fitted with USB charging mounts for commuter phones and tablets .

The services is being tested on one bus in the Tokyo area, and sadly there's currently no formal announcement from the Bureau of Transportation on if or when more buses will get the service, reports ITMedia. The service is free of charge, with five of these wall-mounted charging stations positioned below some of the call buttons.

Hopefully this becomes a trend in Japan and then the world. Until then, hold your power packs tight. For now, we'll just have to settle for this bus being a lone battery savior in disguise. Heroes come in all forms after all.

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