Celebrity teen Jaden Smith dons a superhero suit at prom

Who cares about the prom king? Actor Will Smith's famous teen son Jaden trades in the traditional tuxedo for a cool superhero costume complete with a cape. Of course he does.

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How can you not have fun at prom when you're dressed as a superhero? meccaandcheese/Instagram

Going to prom is one of those pivotal moments in any teenager's life. We either fondly remember our beautiful dress or fancy tuxedo or cringe at our lack of style and common fashion sense.

But if you're actor Will Smith's famously eccentric teen son Jaden, you start with a typical jacket and tie suitable for those pre-prom photos that parents take, then slowly transition into the kind of outfit that would send criminals running in the other direction if they spotted you on the dance floor.

Jaden starts out in a tasteful white suit in photos with his lovely prom date this past weekend. But as the evening progresses, we see a white cape peeking out from his normal suit.

And then, BAM! Just like any superhero would, he takes off the boring suit and we get some kind of all-white Batman-esque superhero outfit complete with a cape and faux body armor. It's not exactly part of the rainbow Batman collection and we doubt it could stop speeding bullets, but it sure makes a lasting impression.

This isn't the first time Jaden has worn a superhero costume at a big event. Last year, he wore a Batman costume to Kim and Kanye's wedding. To be honest, even though you're never supposed to wear white to a wedding unless you're the bride, Jaden looked pretty amazing in his all-white Batman outfit and mask.

Looks like Gotham has a new fashionable superhero. We can't wait to see where Superhero Jaden shows up next.

After seeing Jaden Smith in this costume, we're hoping he secretly fights crime. pleiadianmessage/Instagram