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Jabba the Hutt marshmallow treats: 'Bring me sugar and the Wookiee!'

Bite into a grumpy Star Wars alien with a recipe for making your own sugar-coated Jabba the Hutt marshmallow snacks.

Jabba the Peep
Jabba the Peep is a sugary treat.
Jenn Fujikawa/Star Wars blog

International readers may not be too familiar with a peculiar Easter sweet treat here in the US. Peeps are soft marshmallows, often shaped like baby chickens or bunnies, covered in a brightly colored sugar coating. What do they taste like? Pretty much pure sugar.

Purely on a gourmet level, Peeps are kind of gross. But there's at least one way to turn the Peep concept from ick to amazing: Make Jabba the Hutt versions. The recipe comes from food writer Jenn Fujikawa over at the official Star Wars blog.

Creating the blobbular Jabba shapes will require a piping bag and a steady hand. For best results you should start with the tail first and then move on to the body, squirting the marshmallow mix out in a spiral over overlapping layers. You want to give the impression of a slobby, overweight alien with a bad attitude.

The ingredient list includes green sanding sugar, yellow icing, brown icing, gelatin, vanilla and even more sugar. Jabba's eyes and frown are applied with the icing once the little Hutts are cooled.

Your homemade Jabba Peeps might enjoy some like-minded company. You should go ahead and make some Admiral Ackbar cupcakes and Death Star waffles to go with them.

If the Jabba marshmallow treats aren't nerdy enough for you, then you might want to ramp up the weirdness factor with some sugar-covered poop emoji snacks. This is going to be one strange Easter.