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J.J. Abrams grants movie wish to dying Trekkie

A Trekkie with cancer wants to see the latest "Star Trek" movie, but may miss the May premiere due to declining health. A friend makes a plea on Reddit and "Trek" director J.J. Abrams comes to the rescue.

A promotional image for "Star Trek Into Darkness" which premieres in U.S. theaters on May 17.
Paramount Pictures

Sometimes it's easy to forget the incredible social power of the Internet, but this story about director J.J. Abrams granting a dying man's "Star Trek" wish serves as a great reminder.

Last week on popular link-sharing site Reddit, a user named ideeeyut described how his 41-year-old friend Daniel -- a Manhattan man who has been afflicted with leukemia, another unrelated cancer, and additional health problems -- wanted to see the latest "Star Trek Into Darkness" movie but may not have the chance.

To get a taste of the upcoming sci-fi epic before his health declined further, Daniel went to watch the 10-minute preview that played before "The Hobbit" in most theaters. The theater never showed the preview, which led to Daniel's friend's passionate plea on Reddit for someone to help Daniel find a way to watch the movie.

After the post on Reddit went live, the story got picked up by several "Trek" and geek-related blogs. One Reddit user named Kiggsworthy saw the story on TrekMovie and tweeted the story to "Trek" director J.J. Abrams and several others associated with the movie's production.

What happened next may set your phaser to stunning. Abrams rang Daniel up and set forth plans that gave the "Trek" fan a preview of a lifetime: a full screening of the film months ahead of May's scheduled release.

Ideeyut reported back on Reddit a few days later with words from Daniel's wife, who said, "We saw it, and we enjoyed it immensely as a film and as a gesture."

Daniel's wife noted on Reddit that Daniel "hates" being "an inspiring cancer story," and she preferred that the message reflect how Abram's act highlighted the "heartfelt message of giving," especially "during this season." Daniel's wife preferred that the sneak peek represented a gift to Daniel from friends, family, and the Internet community.

Update, January 7, 1:14 p.m. PT: Just days after seeing a rough cut of "Star Trek Into Darkness," Daniel Craft has died, according to The Hollywood Reporter.