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iTunes Terms of Service gets the RapGenius treatment, hilarity ensues

The rules of the road for iTunes are being savaged over at the online platform intended for explaining rap lyrics.

The annotations to the iTunes TOS pull no punches.
Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

RapGenius was created for those of us who just might not be urban enough to understand what the hell Li'l Wayne is rapping about or what specific kind of "gas" 2 Chainz is "smokin' on."

The site is basically a huge wiki intended to explain the lyrics of any and all rap songs, and since the entire Internet is invited to participate, there are naturally a few Justin Bieber songs up in the mix as well. But lately, some non-music entries have been uploaded to the site, including the Terms of Service for iTunes, which has already begun to be annotated to hilarious effect.

Digital guru Clay Shirky was inspired to upload the iTunes TOS to the site after seeing another entry for the Pilgrims' Mayflower Compact -- you know, the O.G. one drafted by some rhythm-less puritans back around 1620.

Unlike the annotations on the Mayflower Compact, which mostly provide historical context, the comments and explanations on the legalese for iTunes are almost all snark. For example, here's the note added for the part of the TOS that reads "And you agree to immediately notify Apple of any security breach of your Account.":

... via the contact information clearly provided... wait where did that go?

RapGenius hasn't taken down any of the hip-hop-deficient posts because the company sees itself as a platform that it hopes will expand to provide a notating community for everything from poetry to political speeches.

In fact, transcripts of the first presidential and vice presidential debates have already been posted to the site, and some fact-checking and analysis (as well as a healthy dose of trolling) have already begun to be added.

Let us know what you think of RapGenius as the latest platform hosting our global dialogue, or if you really want to let us know what you think, repost this story at RapGenius and go to town.