iTunes reports 1 million video downloads

Apple's iTunes store has recorded 1 million video downloads since launch of the video service this month.

Apple has sold 1 million video downloads through its iTunes store since the launch of the service on Oct. 12, the company announced Monday.

Among the popular downloads are music videos from Michael Jackson, Fatboy Slim and Kanye West, as well as Pixar's animated short films "For the Birds" and "Boundin'." /p>

About 2,000 music videos, animated short films and popular television shows are available for download at $1.99 each. iTunes music store also features 2 million songs, audio books and other downloadable content. Apple's portable music player, the iPod, dominates the digital-music player market currently.

"Selling one million videos in less than 20 days strongly suggests there is a market for legal video downloads," Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, said in a statement. "Our next challenge is to broaden our content offerings, so that customers can enjoy watching more videos on their computers and new iPods."

While Apple was able to get music companies on board quickly for its iTunes service, it has had a harder time convincing video content creators to work with the new service. While analysts say that the video-capable iPod opens the door to an entirely new distribution option for video content, movie studios and other content producers worry about the security of the iTunes delivery system and the opportunities for video piracy it might provide.