iTunes glitch reveals 'American Idol' positions

You are not supposed to know how many downloads are scored by each of the Idol contestants. However, an iTunes glitch has revealed some surprising results.

It is never my intention to spoil your most intimate pleasures.

However, what is left of my morality cannot hold back some new information about "American Idol."

I know many of you will be glued to your TVs on Tuesday to see what hot (for both sexes, I'm told) favorite Adam Lambert will be performing.

If you have been committed for the last 12 weeks to following this drama of the larynx and the tongue-lashing, you will know that the producers never reveal who actually gained the most votes in any particular week. This would, indeed, spoil the ratings. Um, I mean the high-quality entertainment.

However, a glitchette in the iTunes software seems to have revealed which of the contestants is enjoying the most downloaded love. And this just might be an indicator of voting patterns.

Adam Lambert, contemplating his downloads? "American Idol"

Lambert is, indeed, having the fruits of his vastly ranging throat downloaded the most.

However, in second place is not Danny Gokey, the gawky, raspy-voiced, nice chap, who dances as if he's wearing someone else's trousers.

No, in second place is Kris Allen. Yes, the short chap with the happy face and the, I don't know, mini-John Mayer demeanor--which, I suppose, is better than mini-Verne Troyer.

It seems unclear how the iTunes glitch occurred. Perhaps a fan of the sublimely powerful, cool, confident, deliciously pink-haired 16-year-old Allison Iraheta wanted to encourage more of her fans to get out the vote.

Perhaps it has something to do with Pirate Bay.

However, it surely will make everyone wonder just how many Steve Wozniak votes might have been left on the floor, or in the trash, on that other cultural votefest, "Dancing with the Stars."