Itsy-bitsy $45 computer sports Android and Linux

The tiny, adorable CuBox-i computer is cheap, fairly capable, and comes at a price anyone can afford.

I want to take it home and feed it.

I wouldn't call most computers "cute," but I'll make an exception for the CuBox-i mini-computer from SolidRun. It fits all of its hardware, including an HDMI port, IR receiver, and USB ports, into a 2-inch square black box. It runs Android and Linux. It's like a pet rock that's actually useful.

There are a handful of permutations of the CuBox-i, but the the CuBox-i1 is a real attention-getter, based mostly on its super-low $45 price tag. It comes with a single-core GC880 GPU and 512MB of memory. Those specs aren't going to blow you out of the water, but at that price, they don't have to.

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SolidRun's previous CuBox lineup started at $120, so the new versions are coming in at some pretty low price points. Even the top-of-the-line CuBox-i4Pro (which includes a much faster processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 2GB of memory) has a cost of just $120.

The entire CuBox-i mini-computer line is currently available to preorder. They are all small enough and cheap enough to keep tinkerers, Android fans, and cheap-PC-seekers plenty well entertained.

(Via Linux Gizmos)