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It's winter, and your cold computer needs fur

Japanese USB novelty maker Actbrise hears your suffering in this deep freeze and offers fake fur for your laptop, mouse, and other peripherals. Bundle up!


It's freezing out there, and your electronics need warmth and comfort just like you. That's why Japanese USB novelty maker Actbrise has come out with fake furs to trim your favorite plastic pals.

Actbrise, based in Takasaki, has started selling stick-on Fa-si-ru leopard print fur (PDF) to attach to the cover of your laptop, cell phone, or just about any other device. Not only will Fa-si-ru fur keep your babies warm, it'll make you look totally stylish. Or utterly clueless about style, depending on your perspective.

The Fa-si-ru fur is available in white, too. A 15x11-inch hide goes for about $95.

Also in Actbrise's winter collection is a standard USB optical mouse that comes with leopard print trim, the Mausuke Hyo, which retails for about $32 online in Japan.

Buy enough Fa-si-ru fur and you could cover the exterior of your 1975 Chrysler Cordoba, too. And you'd still have the Corinthian leather on the inside! How awesome would that be?


(Via Akihabara News)