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It's Avengers vs. US presidents in this Jimmy Kimmel trivia challenge

ABC's late night gabfest asks people on the street to name Avengers and US presidents. The results will make you sad. Batman isn't an Avenger!

It seems like comic book movies are becoming the next great American commodity, along with Donald Trump GIFs and ballpark concessions that qualify as weapons of mass destruction.

They are so prevalent in our lives that you might not be surprised if people could name more superheroes than US presidents. That's what late-night host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to find on Wednesday's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Kimmel set his crew loose on the streets of Los Angeles to ask random people to name as many members of Marvel's Avengers as they could. Then they asked them to name as many US presidents as they could. They posted some of the more interesting responses from their pedestrian pop quiz on their YouTube page Thursday. The results might surprise you, especially if you're a history buff or a DC Comics fan.