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It's official: TiVoToGo for Mac

TiVo releases an Mac version of its software for taking recorded shows with them on portable devices with help from Roxio.

Mac users that have jealously watched their PC-using friends put their recorded episodes of The Office or Lost on their laptops get a late Christmas gift this year: TiVoToGo for Mac is here.


Just in time for MacWorld and CES, the product will be released by Roxio on Monday, Jan. 8.

The Mac version of TiVoToGo will sell for $99 and have all the same capability as the PC version, but it's all in one box this time, said Jim Denney, TiVo's VP of marketing. Automatic transfers of shows to a Mac, PSP, iPod, or burned to a DVD or Blu-ray disc are all included.

The software will be available as a download beginning Monday, and is included with Toast 8, Roxio's latest Mac-compatible disc-burning software. If you happen to be in San Francisco on that day, there will be demos and boxed versions for sale at MacWorld and at the Market Street Apple Store.

But note that this is only for standalone TiVo Series 2 systems, not DirecTV TiVos or the latest Series 3 HD versions.