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It's not your father's laptop bag

Targus has just announced a new range of notebook carriers that include backpacks, slipcases, and fashion statements.

The Racing Stripe line
Crave Asia

Gone are the days when one had to live with boring black, over-the-shoulder laptop bags that came with the portable. Targus has just announced a new range of notebook bags that include backpacks, slipcases, and fashion statements.

Slipcases are particularly popular with students who can use them in conjunction with their favorite bags while not compromising on protection. There are two ranges available: The Apple Slip Case which fits the MacBook and MacBook Pro range as well as the CityLite Slip Case for notebooks ranging from 12.1- to 15.4-inch screens. The 17-inch Apple Slip case goes for $37, while the CityLite models (which come in black, green, or gray) range from $24 to $32.

The Revolution Messenger bag Crave Asia

Backpacks and messenger bags
If you need to carry a load of books along with your portable, backpacks are the way to go. A properly design pack will not only evenly distribute the load between both shoulders, but should also help keep the spine in a natural curve. Targus has three lines of backpacks: The Revolution for those with rugged lifestyles; the Voyager for the urban traveler; and the Wanderer for those who need additional storage space. For protection against rain, Targus has integrated a PVC rain cover inside a hidden pocket across all models. The Revolution holds up to 14.1-inch models and costs $79 while the 15.4-inch Voyager goes for $105 (the 17-inch version retails at $118). The 13.1-inch and 15.4-inch Wanderer models are priced at $79 and $86, respectively.

Among messenger bags, the $59 Targus Revolution can hold a 14.1-inch laptop with ease.

An interesting compromise is the $59 Pulse Convertible case which can switch between backpack and messenger bag modes.

Of particular note is Targus' new Racing Stripes Range. Like the Pulse, the $59 Racing Stripe 2-in-1 Convertible Case changes carrying methods with ease, while the $46 messenger model fits 13.3-inch notebooks. The backpack unit goes for $79) and a model which includes a camera tray for a SLR shooter adds $6.58 to the price.

Business traveler
There are two new models which cater to the business traveler who frequently embarks on day trips. The Corporate Traveler Vertical Roller does not need to be checked in and can fit inside overhead luggage compartments. The Ultra-Lite Corporate Traveler is a conventional over-the-shoulder design and one of the lightest available, thanks to its use of military-grade ballistic nylon. The Corporate Traveler Vertical Roller ranges from $178 to $264), while the Ultra-lite Corporate Traveler retails at $197.

Ladies range
The Milan, Paris and Deluxe Tote models look just like any stylish female handbag in the market. One would hardly suspect that a notebook resides within. For a more sporty look, the Prague Ladies Backpack comes in a fun blue shade. Do note that the Targus Ladies Range caters to only 14.1-inch notebooks and below.

Jump over to our photo gallery for a look at the new Targus lineup.

(Source: Crave Asia)