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It's looking grim for RIM

Place your bets on the BlackBerry's survival, get alerts when you're in the danger zone, and take a romp down memory lane as the iPhone turns 5.

Friday's show may start off grim, but there's cake at the end. No lie!

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It's a bad day for BlackBerry maker Research In Motion. The company's earnings call was three layers of ugly. BlackBerry 10 devices will be delayed until the first quarter of 2013. The company is cutting 5,000 jobs (that's a third of its employees). And it suffered a huge operating loss for the quarter. (Hence the job cuts.) RIM's stock dropped 19% when the markets closed Friday.

Apple has a new stand-alone podcast app. It's a new a way to catch up on your favorite shows (like CNET Update, of course!), but there are more podcast app flavors besides Apple's. You might also want to check out Downcast, Instacast or Stitcher Radio, which is like a Pandora for podcasts.

The National Weather Service is sending severe-weather alert warnings to smartphones. It'll look like a text message, but it's not. It taps into GPS data to send warnings only to people near the danger zone. And it's not limited to weather. Other departments, like Homeland Security and FEMA, can also send imminent threat alerts.

GameStop was taking pre-orders for the 16GB Google Nexus 7 tablet. But as of this post, the page has been taken down. You can still pre-order through the Google Play store.

Blockbuster Express DVD rental machines will soon be gone, as Redbox bought the kiosks for $100 million.

The age of mobile Flash is over. The Android 4.1 OS will not be certified to use Adobe Flash. Flash has always been one of the big features that helped Android stand apart from Apple, but Adobe said it is no longer working on Flash for mobile devices. It's all HTML5 from here on out.

And it's the five-year anniversary of the device that changed our digital world. Happy iBirthday iPhone! The first models were lacking common features, like MMS, video recording and copy and paste. But that didn't stop the fans. Ahh, how time flies.

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