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It's dangerous to be an iPhone or iPad in Mississippi

SquareTrade looked at its internal data to determine where the clumsiest iPad and iPhone users can be found. Seems poor iOS devices should steer clear of the South -- and North.

Where iDevices fear to tread most... CNET

If you're an iPad sitting in an Apple Store, you probably cringe each time the customer with 3-year-old triplets walks over to check you out.

Now we also know there are certain stores, and even entire states, you don't want to end up in either, thanks to new data from device warranty outfit SquareTrade that details which states seem to have the clumsiest iPad and iPhone users.

Looking at its own internal claim data for iPhone and iPad breakage and damage, SquareTrade found Mississippi and South Carolina seem to have particularly high rates of iOS device abuse -- both states made the top five when it comes to claims for both iPhones and iPads, with Mississippi racking up the most collective damage to iPhones and South Carolina taking title as the most dangerous state for iPads.

Coming in a solid No. 2 in terms of iPhone damage, though, is my own home state of New Mexico. You may have heard it called the Land of Enchantment, but apparently an even more popular saying around here is "Hey, you can't use that as a drink coaster!"

SquareTrade says drops and spills are usually the cause of device damage, but I wouldn't be surprised if a few of my neighbors also contributed to our silver medal through some ill-advised head-butting incidents while using FaceTime. Sometimes the lively spirit of the Southwest just takes over.

Rounding out the top five most perilous states for iPhones are Rhode Island, North Dakota, and South Carolina.

The highest rate of iPad terror can be found in South Carolina, followed by Mississippi, Nebraska, Washington, D.C., and another prior residence of mine, Alaska. Although I left our largest and northernmost state before the iPad was introduced, I've often remarked on what an excellent navigation system the slate would make if properly mounted to the handles of a snowmobile or dogsled.

Then again, based on SquareTrade's own history of torturing devices, one of the most dangerous places for an iPad or iPhone might be near anyone who works for that company.