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It's Android time

T-Mobile is about to reveal the G1 Google Android phone. What will make it a good device?

In New York City Tuesday, T-Mobile will unveil one of the most anticipated handsets of the year.

The T-Mobile G1, aka the HTC Dream, aka the Google phone, will be the first cell phone with the Google Android OS to go on sale. Exact features are still a bit sketchy, and we still can't confirm with complete certainty what it will look like, but we know that the G1 will go on sale in October.

As T-Mobile shows the phone off to the world CNET News's Maggie Reardon will be on hand to bring you all the details. Then, after we have a bit of time to process it all, we'll bring you slide shows, videos, and an in-depth analysis on what the handset offers and what it means for the cell phone world. Check out our full coverage of the T-Mobile G1 and Google Android.

In the meantime, be sure to tell us what you want from the G1 and Android. What will make it a killer device? What apps should it have? And can it take on the iPhone?