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It's an epic Surface vs. iPad smackdown in this parody ad

Remember how the iPad plays the piano in the iPad Mini ad? Well, here's a version where the Surface comes and attacks it, in so many ways. Warning: There's a severed hand. (Robotic, but still.)

Surface disarms the iPad.
LaughPong/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It is, perhaps, appropriate that on a day where America persuades itself that there are only two options (and Roseanne Barr), some aggression appears from a Microsoft fan toward Apple.

Here we have the iPad sedately playing a nice piano tune from Apple's sweet little iPad Mini launch ad. Then in soars the Surface, a very noisy Stealth bomber that's loud, proud and unbowed.

It cuts through the sedateness with its raucous noise. It flies around like a bat that forgot to take its Ritalin.

That, however, is not enough.

For the Surface needs to show who's boss in as modern and American way as it can.

So it flies over to the apparently cybernetic hand that's playing the iPad piano and severs it.

You'd think that would end things. You'd think that without hands to play with it, the iPad is just another inanimate machine, looking for a home.

Well, you underestimate the wrath of the righteous Microsoft fanperson. For the Surface then flies up and delivers a vicious elbow drop to the iPad's screen, smashing it. (Well, as it would have done had it an elbow. Just watch.)

I am grateful to the Next Web for having spotted this riotous horror show.

It is the brainchild of Forest Gibson who is a producer, writer and actor and CEO of Cinesaurus. You will be stunned into voting for Roseanne Barr when I tell you he lives in Seattle.

Now that this is in the open world, I foresee some Apple fanboys getting together to perfect moves that would totally put those little dancing Gleesters in the Surface ad to shame. I foresee them all in blue shirts stomping and Krumping over those childish ninnies.

Conflict arises and conflict subsides. But it can never end. America wouldn't allow it.