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It's a car, it's a UAV, no - it's UUV

BAE Systems draws on stealth, aerospace and race car design for Talisman UUV

BAE Systems

As we see here, there is absolutely no reason why your pool cleaner shouldn't match your car. Too bad British defence giant BAE Systems has other plans for the Talisman -like minesweeping.

Drawing on stealth, aerospace and race car design, BAE developed this unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) in hopes of following up on its success with the unmanned aerial variety. After years of wind tunnel and open-ocean testing the carbon fiber hulled Talisman M is ready for action in water up to 490 feet. "Vectorable" thruster pods allow it to hover and turn on a dime. It can come fully equipped with sonar and can take on a wide range of payloads.

"Talisman can perform the type of dangerous roles currently performed by service men and women - locate, identify and neutralise mines without the need for human intervention," according to BAE.

And here we thought the dolphins had that covered.